Olivet Teen Missions Summer Retreat Filled with Shouts of Joy, Ignites the Heart of Young Leaders

OTM summer retreat
OTM summer retreat

Olivet Teen Missions (OTM) summer special retreat was held in Elim International Headquarters in Binghamton, NY on June 17-19, 2022. About 50 teen leaders from local chapters joined to worship God together and study the Bible deeply, and strengthened their friendship participating in fun activities and prayers.

The well-planned programs ignited the hearts of the participants who received abundant grace and power of the Holy Spirit. The bible studies were centered on the Book of Acts. The first lecture taught the gift of the Holy Spirit and encouraged the participants to use their talents for the greater glory of God. Also, with the power of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel can break down barriers and the life-changing power of the Word can be proclaimed to all. The second lecture highlighted on the fundamentals of faith – repentance, resurrection, and eternal life, and how the disciples were strengthened by the Holy Spirit and could speak boldly to the whole world.

Many participants came to realize the deeper meaning of Acts and were strengthened and motivated to walk diligently in their paths of faith alongside Jesus, and ignited to be bold witnesses of the resurrection to the whole world.

A special lecture on Trinity God was followed by joyful outdoor activity, meal fellowship, and a grace-filled prayer meeting and praise night. For activities, teens went swimming, boating, and playing in the sand. They enjoyed the good sun, wind, and water that God has blessed them with. The lake was filled with the shouts of joy, loud singing, echoing laughter, and more grace sharing of the teens. During the prayer meeting, the participants opened their hearts and received much grace with many tears and gratitude.

The participants shared: “This place is so nice and a place where the Holy Spirit works so powerfully. I am so happy to see God working like this.”; “I don't really understand what happened to me, but I can definitely say there has been a change in me through this retreat. This time coming here felt really different from the other times I came, and I testify this retreat was life-changing.”

May the fullness of joy and contentment in Christ dwell in them, so that the power of the Holy Spirit can always be evident in their lives and the Lord may use them to save many lost souls in the world.

Olivet Teen Mission is a ministry that serves to offer youth the care their spirits’ needs through offering opportunities that allow them to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. OTM aspires to provide teenagers with the resources they need to be powerful leaders in their schools and society as a whole.