Regional Olivet Assemblies Hold Training Programs to Deepen Faith and Expand Horizon of Members and Emerging Leaders

As mission efforts continue to bear fruits in different countries with people coming to faith in Jesus Christ and experience the transforming power of the Word of God in their lives, regional Olivet Assemblies are holding membership and leadership training programs to deepen the faith and expand the horizon of those who seek to live their lives to build God's Kingdom. The programs that are part of the Olivet Leadership Institute's (OLI) curriculum offer a dynamic hybrid program of onsite participation and lectures as well as online presentations and a variety of activities and fellowship times over a few weeks.

"We have been very encouraged by the many people that have joined worship services, Bible study programs and fellowships in the various churches in recent months. As they grow in their faith and their desire to serve God with the unique gifts He has entrusted to them, we offer the OLI training for those who wish to learn how to share their faith and teach others the Bible, how to shepherd small groups and also those who are interested in serving in one of the affiliated ministries or fellowships," one of the OLI organizers in South America said.

An essential focus of the OLI curriculum are Bible lectures that deepen the participants' understanding of God's heart for saving souls and leading newcomers on their path to spiritual maturity. It also explains about Biblical leadership principles based on the books of Timothy and Philemon, among others. After the lectures, participants then have the opportunity to share their reflections and testimonies with each other.

The program also includes introductory presentations by the international leaders of youth fellowships, prayer ministry, faith and family ministry, business as mission ministries and various fellowships focused on reaching musicians, those in the medical field, IT professionals and more. The participants are always encouraged to see the breadth of opportunities to serve God according to how He has gifted them, and connecting with international leaders gives them a sense of the diversity of God's family around the world.

May God use the OLI programs to raise more workers for His Kingdom who will share the hope of Jesus Christ and the life-giving Word of God with many more souls.