Churches Hold Virtual Easter Retreats Commemorating Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Many churches within the World Olivet Assembly have been preparing to hold virtual Easter retreats starting today. Due to the pandemic, most churches have begun holding services and activities online, which allowed many more people to join, at times even from other cities or countries.

As the finale of the Lenten period, the Easter retreat is expected to allow participants to mediate on the three days of Jesus' cross and resurrection with a series of Bible studies focusing on the last chapters in the four Gospels.

The message of salvation is deeply embedded in the walk of Jesus Christ who took the path of Golgotha for our sins. His determination and unshaken will after the prayer of Gethsemane was the image of true victory for all humanity and over the power of Satan. The chains of sin were finally broken by the redeeming death of our Christ and Savior.

May the virtual Easter retreats open the door for many thirsty souls from every corner of the various cities, countries and the world to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ - his death and resurrection that gives us new life.