South America Olivet Center in Brazil to Offer Systematic, Periodic Retreats and Seminars

Since the acquisition and establishment of South America Olivet Center in July this year, the regional leadership has made a plan to use the center to host systematic and periodic retreats and seminars in order to educate members and congregants from churches across the region. 

"In the time of global pandemic that has affected all countries in our continent, we believe the message of Christ is needed more than ever before. The Lord, who offers us a new life and a new hope in Him, is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. And this beautiful center shall serve the people, who wish to listen and meditate on the Word of God so they can know the Lord more and put their trust in Him," shared Pastor Jhon Teran, President of Olivet Assembly South America. 

South America Olivet Center is located at Araçariguama in the state of São Paulo in Brazil and the property has two parts: club and campus. Between the campus and club infrastructures, the property can lodge up to 150 people in total. 

The campus side of the property houses a renovated lobby, administration office, 20 rooms for guests, a fully equipped commercial kitchen, and innovation space on the first floor. It contains two large seminary rooms that can seat at least 100 people each and four smaller rooms that can be used as office space or classrooms.

Regional leaders anticipate many people visiting this center and wish for all who attend the retreats and seminars to feel comfortable and enjoy being in an environment where they could focus on studying the Bible and worshiping God.

The club side of the property houses a lobby and reception area, 11 rooms for guests, a dining and kitchen area, as well as some amenities such as a pool and outdoor gym. Also, a child-care area is being developed for the younger generation.

The regional leadership hopes that once it is renovated for the intended use and the COVID-19 situation permits, the center can house various retreats, gatherings, and conferences to equip church members and raise biblical leaders to pursue the dream of the Kingdom of God.