Aim Towards Pentecost: Preach The Gospel

Churches in the worldwide network of World Olivet Assembly (WOA) were exhorted to strive in their efforts to preach the Gospel in various ways aiming towards Pentecost 2020.

Initially a part of Jewish tradition, Pentecost is one of the liturgical seasons, followed by Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter. It commemorates the day when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus’s disciples according to the Scriptures, empowering them to preach the gospel.

Following the biblical example of the early church in the Book of Acts, church congregants, young and old, united in prayer and called on the name of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

After Jesus Christ, the Son of God came into the world, carried the cross, died, resurrected, and ascended, He opened a new era for believers, just as He promised in His final sermon to the apostles—the era of the Holy Spirit.

And according to the promises of the Lord Jesus, the Spirit of God comes upon all who call on the name of the Lord, teaching us all things, reminding us of all that the Lord has done, and interceding for us in our weaknesses. 

In this year’s Pentecost, although we are in the time of a pandemic and many countries are facing lockdown, the confinement of man is an opportunity to reach out with the message of our Savior.

As all congregants are lead to pray more while awaiting celebration of Pentecost, WOA churches are hoping to witness the change inside and out during this special time, being cleansed by the work of Holy Spirit and witnessing many to come back to the Lord, the author of our lives.

“In this period we want to encourage all churches to pile up prayers and revive following the example of disciples of Jesus just as it was recorded in the book of Acts 1:14 ‘They all joined together constantly in prayer….’” said Pastor Mark Spisak.