Churches in South America Pray and Fast for Region in Wake of COVID-19

The World Olivet Assembly (WOA) churches in South America have initiated a prayer and fasting movement for God's protection over the region against the wave of COVID-19.

Among the countries within the region, Brazil has been hit the hardest with its rising death toll and infection rate. Hospitals are reaching their maximum capacity with shortages of beds, equipment and doctors. Brazil, with about 210 million population, ranks as the world's seventh most populous nation.

During this challenging time, the churches wish to unite in fervent prayers to God for His mercy to be shown upon this vast region and on Brazil in particular. They pray for all the patients, the health care personnel, and all those who have been affected by the pandemic in one way or another to remain strong and hopeful until this time passes.

"Since the pandemic has been ongoing, we pray for all the professionals who are fighting on the front line of this battle, that they can resist well and receive the strength from God in their lives. We also pray for all those who are being affected, that they may endure well and recover their health fully. May God protect them and give us the strength and hope to get ahead of this situation with His grace in our lives," shared Pastor Jhon Teran, the representative of Argentina Olivet Assembly.

The World Olivet Assembly (WOA) stands together with the churches in South America in prayer for the region and its people at this time of crisis. May our churches lead the people from despair to hope and darkness to light, as they guide them to true Hope, Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of resurrection and life.