Witnessing Christ Online

More and more church staffs are turning their attentions to online tools to reach out for souls as the world faces unprecedented circumstances.

Churches are communicating through website contents and social media accounts, creating vibrant online presences worldwide. Many platforms provide targeted outreach services, such as Meetup or Facebook, where one can create groups and invite specific people. Those were raised in the digital era are most likely to search the Internet for ways to know God.

Online education and discipleship training are being held continually. If for any reason the physical attendance of a church is not possible, conferencing platforms allow hundreds of attendants to gather online through video chat. 

Some Asian churches in Olivet Assembly are experiencing a great online revival movement. In one country that had the Covid-19 impact early this year, churches are now witnessing a great surge of new visitors through their online services and gathering opportunities. 

“More than 1000 people have gathered for online Bible study series including our members and newcomers.” The minister shared. “Through a targeted outreach, shepherding and follow-up systems, these many people could be gathered, bringing them to the next level of faith and helping them to stay connected to the church in times of crisis.”

Olivet Assembly Latin America is also conducting education of current and potential leadership online to consolidate training on the fundamental tenants of Christian faith and to unite the ministers across the continent. Better administration and insight systems are being formed for the region—a time of great blessing from God. 

WOA General Secretary, Rev. Mark Spisak shared, "When one door is closed, God will always open the other door. We need to widen our hearts to open more pathways for preaching the Gospel. We should not get discouraged but rather be more active in prayer and study the Word even deeper during this time, then we shall share, post and contact those we know, because the Goodnews of our Lord can never stop being proclaimed in whatever circumstances."