World Olivet Assembly Exhorts Churches to Spread Message of Hope in the Time of Crisis

World Olivet Assembly (WOA) exhorts churches to spread message of hope through gospel of Jesus Christ in the time of crisis.  

In this time of COVID-19 outbreak crisis new ways are opening to witness Christ and bring message of hope through his gospel to many. The volatility of life is made clear, prompting many people to think about the true meaning of existence. WOA encourages all churches in its worldwide network not to become idle or lazy but to handle their time wisely. 

Precautions need to be taken, but the focus is on finding new methods of outreach, studying the word of God, and praying-any effort that will benefit the mission greatly. 

Many distractions that may often hinder people to look towards God, such as entertainment events, have been stopped due to efforts to slow down and control the virus outbreak and so giving the chance for people to turn to Christ. Therefore, pastors, ministers and missionaries should not lose their fervor but remember the goal of preaching the gospel and saving one more soul. 

Rather than only reading news and becoming worried and tempted with doubt, ministers should look at first and foremost the Word, stories of faith, and good commentaries, being encouraged by great figures of faith. 

It is a time to mature and become deeper. WOA calls each leader of Church and Para-church not lose focus but to look for ways to witness Jesus Christ and to connect people to Him.