Jubilee Orpheum Theater Dedicated on Jubilee World 17th Anniversary

Jubilee World dedicated the Jubilee Orpheum Theater to God in a service in St. Louis on July 10. The fellowship's leaders, staff and guests from around the world used the occasion as a service marking the performing arts ministry's 17th Anniversary.

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord," was a message of the sermon based on Psalm 150.

The theater has a legendary performing arts legacy of more than a century that has made it a beacon for the city of St. Louis. It seats more than 1,700 and has a stage with capacity for 100-plus performers.

For the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, Jubilee World has the honor of inheriting the site, restoring it and consecrating it to Him. Among the Jubilee World ministries that will use the venue to praise God with people of all nations are Jubilee Worship, Jubilee Orchestra, Jubilee Chorus and Jubilee Dance.

The theater dedication strengthens Jubilee World in St. Louis to contribute to expanding its global mission. 

May the fellowship use this gift of God to praise Him for years to come and to contribute to the expansion of the Kingdom of God.