OA North America Calls for Active Spring Mission Activity

Olivet Assembly North America (OA NA) recently encouraged churches about the purpose of their mission work, to ensure that their congregations can be continually fruitful.

OA NA hopes the gospel message can revitalize Christianity in America and aims to build a community of believers in Jesus Christ. OA NA exhorts ministers to encourage members in the churches to seek the Kingdom of God and work together so that the churches will become a long-lasting community that seeks to grow in faith.

As churches are approaching spring, OA NA is hoping that all churches would take advantage of the shift in this season to revive evangelism and Bible studies in order to invite as many people as possible. Towards Easter, the time of Lent will be a key period for churches to hold intensive Bible studies with newcomers and encourage all members to hold on to a daily standard to set up strong habits in their walk of faith. 

Please pray for the development of North America mission as OA NA seeks to prepare all churches for Spring to experience revival in Jesus Christ. May many prepared people come to seek the Word of God during this time and come to realize how they can serve the church faithfully.