Kazakhstan Mission Grows as Almaty Emmanuel Church Expands

Kazakhstan mission is growing with beautiful fruit of stable committed members at Emmanuel Church in Almaty. The church has been exploring how to develop and stably expand the mission.


The church leadership believes the Lord is faithful and has prepared prepared many people to attend the church. A leader notes there are many souls who are lost,  don't go to church, and distrust religious leaders. Many young people do not know the Gospel.


The church has started outreach programs such as Chinese and English classes. It is also inviting people to join the congregation through relationship evangelism. Through the mission work, more people have dedicated themselves to become builders of God's Kingdom.


God is not only calling them, but has also given them different gifts in design, prayer and campus mission. The church is praying that God can make a way for these committed members and cultivate them better through further education.


There is also hope and plans to expand the mission to more countries or cities in the CIS region, since countries in the region have a shared language and culture.


The church is hopeful more young people can be reached and established as people of God's Kingdom. May God bless Kazakhstan and open various way to expand mission for the glory of God.