World Churches Gather to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ

A savior was born! World Olivet Assembly congregations celebrated the wonderful birth of the savior, Jesus Christ. In various parts of the world, WOA members gathered at church retreats to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

This year, churches presented the spirit of Christ through Bible lectures, performances, activities, and testimonies. Adults and children alike participated to show the joy of the coming of the savior who saved us from the consequences of our sins.

Members meditated on the word of God, learning how the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. They heard how the life of Jesus reveals the true nature of God, and the most importanty, how Jesus was born to redeem us from all our sins.

The Christmas season is also a time when the spirit of evangelism is at its peak. Many newcomers experienced the meaning of Christmas, and the reason why it is one of the most important celebrations of the year. The churches showed the importance of Jesus and how He deeply affects their daily lives today and how He will impact their lives in the future.

The season also brings out the true meaning of "family." What is most important for a family in Christ is not about race or language but rather having humble hearts to worship the savior of all humanity.

London and Pilgrim Hall members celebrated a joint two-day Christmas retreat at the recently acquired Europe OC. At the retreat, members meditated about the meaning of the birth of Jesus, and the coming of the Messiah, which historically split the history of mankind between BC and AD.   

Immanuel Church in New York held a three-day retreat to reflect on the reason why Jesus came and how God's Son was incarnated in this world. His entry to this troubled and dark world of sin was joyful news to men. However it was also a sorrowful story that revealed mankind's ignorance and arrogance. Four lectures illuminated the different aspects of the Christmas story and its theology to remind listeners of God's wonderful light revealed through Jesus in this world.

The 2018 Southeast Asia-Hong Kong Christmas Retreat concluded on December 16. During the four-day of the retreat, there were studies focusing on Galatians proclaiming the gospel. The leaders of the regions held conferences and prayer meetings for mission. The new paradigm of mission with the union of SEA and HK has started.

Advent was joyfully celebrated by Immanuel Community Church in New Delhi, India more than a hundred people in attendance on Sunday. There were also guest appearances from worship leaders who are part of the Capital Bible Church. Many newcomers were welcomed to take their first step toward our Lord, Jesus Christ.