North America Mission Sees Great Growth towards Pentecost Retreat


OA North America staffs held its weekly mission conference with all regional missionaries, during which ministers were encouraged to continue their focus on diligent evangelism as the church calendar approaches the Pentecost retreats. Ministers reflected and discussed the strategies they are current employing for evangelism.


Firstly, ministers reported about the potential candidates for the upcoming leadership training program, as the deadline for applications is fast approaching. So far, students from Atlanta, DC, Seattle, and Toronto have been submitted and are being reviewed by OA administration. Ministers reported about further students they are considering, with many more potential students in cities like Montreal, Boston, and NYC.

Regarding the Pentecost Retreats, the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions are all planning to hold retreats. The General Secretary of OANA encouraged each leader to continually set up a strong evangelism standard. Even with the end of the spring semester approaching for US universities, ministers will enter this period with a strong plan for continued evangelism and attendance, exhorting the college students to continue in their life of faith.

Currently Bible study students and newcomers are at an all-time high, and leaders are thankful for God's grace that continues to bless the churches with this growth.