Jubilee Worship Australia Holds Easter Concert in Sydney


Jubilee Worship Australia held an Easter concert on April 1 in collaboration with Lakemba Uniting Church in Sydney.

Before the performance started, Jubilee shared with churchgoers about the Jubilee ministry, what Jubilee means, the ministry's current activities and asked for prayers for the ministry. 


Two main singers led praise and worship, which also included performances of a solo, duet, and an instrumental piece. Jubilee said they wanted to make balanced performances with beautiful harmonies and said the congregation joined in with singing, dancing and prayer.

During the praise and worship time, one of the main singers shared his testimony that how God saved him and his family when they settled down in Australia as refugees. The testimony was well connected to message of Easter, with many in the audience responding with amen. 

After the worship service, the local church band's worship leader prayed for Jubilee ministry and blessed them. Through the concert, Jubilee members received abundant grace and felt their hearts becoming passionate for the Lord.

Jubilee Worship Australia will continue with its projects to deliver the Gospel to more people. Let's pray that God leads the ministry following His good will.