Bolivia Emanuel Church Celebrates Christmas

Bolivia Emanuel Church Celebrates Christmas


Was a beautiful night of celebration that was lived in the church Emanuel, the leaders prepared a small activity with the help of children and youth to help people remember and meditate the true meaning of Christmas. This activity was prepared for 60 people, the number of chairs in the church.

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Sister Paola García led a group of 5 people to decorate and decorate the church, Sister Aydeé prepared some delicious snacks to share after the meeting, the children prepared a dance, the teenagers were in charge of making the worship music, and the young people a theatrical dramatization to evangelize the unsaved, entitled "The Exchange". 

The pastor prepared an expository sermon on the true meaning of Christmas, the story of a loving God and his plan of redemption for humanity.The service began at 7:00 p.m.

After the message, there were many people weeping with repentance, one of them who tells that she knew the Lord when she was 6 years old, but that she later turned away from him, stood up and asked the pastor to sing a hymn that she learned as a child. Moved, she sang with one voice and moved the audience.

It was a very beautiful night because of the unity showed by the members of the church in the service, everyone was very attentive to the people and at the end, they were able to receive the new converts with a lot of love.

After a beautiful night in the presence of God, this week will begin the work to consolidate the new brothers.

The leaders are very grateful to God for once again surprising them by making things much more abundant than they can ask and understand.