Myanmar Missionary Teach Bible for Street Children, Brings Hope


On 2 Dec 2017, Missionary of Yangon Revival Church came to the Burma residential area which was nearby the church, and visit and teach Bible to the children on the streets. 

The teachers taught them praise songs and Bible stories every Saturday and distributed some food to them. The teacher introduced, there are more than 60 children in the streets. Some of them can go to public school and some not because they have to earn money for living through selling vegetables and so on. In addition, some of them are orphans, can't go to school either.


The missionary has a strong interest in the education and the orphans. Hope to make schools and orphanage for them, and it asks little in Myanmar, so it is not difficult compared with other countries. The important things are the co-workers, may God gave good people quickly, and also please pray for the missionary to have a strong body for the mission.