AM East Africa Trainees Evangelize at Kyambogo University

AM Africa Leadership Training

The Apostolos Missions East Africa Leadership Training in Uganda began with the opening service. Trainees from Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and Kenya were present for the event.

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Pastor Alma, General Secretary of AM International gave the message from Luke 4:16-21 and passages from Romans chapter 1 and 2. Everyone listened closely and shared grace in their reflection booklets. 

There is a joy for our personal salvation, but the one who loves Jesus shares the heart of mourning for the world that has gone astray in sin. The answer to the world's problems is found only in Christ. The people are God are those who seek to bring true reconciliation and restoration to those who are suffering from the sin of the world. 

The members received great grace and were touched by the call to live like true apostles or messengers of Christ. They look forward to seeing God's Kingdom established on Earth even one day sooner. 

The second program included presentations from AM Uganda, YEF Africa, and Jubilee Rwanda. The AM General Secretary presented for AM International and Pastor James from OA Africa gave a testimony about the work of God in the region since 2016. 

The day concluded with a seminar on the biblical principles of evangelism. Everyone was exhorted to grow as fishers of men and to "catch" many people for the Kingdom of God. 

On Aug 27, AM East Africa Leadership Training included a time of outreach at Kyambogo University in Uganda. About 27 participated in the program.

AM Uganda members guided trainees, some from other ministries, to visit the AM chapter in Uganda.
All of the trainees were very passionate and during the event, including some members of the church who were raised as Muslims but later converted to Christianity. They also evangelized with great fervor about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The day ended with some sports activities on the Kyambogo University campus. The leadership training will include other outreach events during the week.