Venezuela Summer Retreat Ends with Many Attendants

Venezuela Summer Retreat

The summer retreat culminated in Venezuela ended up with a total of 124 attendees. The attendees arrived from different cities of the country where they are open missionaries of the Emanuel Church. The summer retreat was filled with full of Grace and great strength coming from the Word of the Lord. 

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The retreat used the theme "Faith and obedience, the principle of blessings", taking into account that the ancestors of the faith were blessed thanks to their obedience. With the retreat, the participants learned and understood the importance of obedience which is an important aspect of their lives.

This time through the Word of God, everyone was full of grace, "faces changed in a surprising way, in the time of the reflections they could share what the Lord did in their hearts" shared by one of the leaders.

 "For me, this retreat was spectacular. This retreat, I received encouragement to work and to commit more to the Work of the Lord. I have the desire to help those who are in difficult situations, I feel that I was activated in this activity," said Alexander, a member of the Church of Barcelona.

 "When I arrived here, I felt a lot of peace, I felt the presence of the Lord, it was very warm. When I joined the brothers, I felt it as they were a family. I received the Word in my heart from the Lord and understood that I must apply this faith in my life. I must apply all the things I learned in what I do for the glory and honor of His Name," said Venus of Puerto Ordaz.

 "This retreat was very precious, the Lord made something very precious in my life. We needed this time to be filled and visited by the presence of God. I was motivated to impart and teach about faith and obedience. Furthermore, the mission works are very precious and I hope there are other opportunities for other to join, where we can gather together in harmony to receive more blessings from the Lord," said the missionary Carmen de Los Teques.

 "For me, this has been an encounter with the Lord. I was confirmed that faith and obedience are the way to receive the blessing. I felt that I was molded this time, today I feel a greater commitment. I will not stop making more effort and sacrifice, I have received confirmation from the Lord, this really does not have a price that can be paid. I will be put more effort on a daily basis to maintain what I have received here, "said José, leader of Jubilee Venezuela 

Being in communion with one body in Christ Jesus, the recreation and activities strengthened the fraternal ties of the participants. The summer retreat ended with great grace where everyone can bond as brothers and sisters of Christ Jesus.