OLI Asia Leadership Seminars Conclude, Igniting Heart of Love


The Olivet Leadership Institute (OLI) entitled 'The Sovereignty of God and Spiritual Service of Saints' for Asia Members concluded on Aug 15th. About 100 members from 14 Asian countries gathered to for the training. There is great hope for the future of the region, as the students seek to deeply understand the history of God and His heart.

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During the OLI, which was held for two nights and three days after the Summer retreat, Asia leaders deeply meditated on the sovereignty of God, His history, and the gospel. During four special lectures, the future Asia leaders were trained in the faith and tradition of God's Word in Korea.

Notably, the OLI program at APOC ignited a heart of love toward God in every attendant. Romans Chapter 9-10 lectures by P. Sophia Hong, representative of OLI Korea, taught the unending works of salvation for those who cherish and honor the Will of God.

Dr. Joseph Lee delivered the first and second special lectures, entitled 'Understanding Old Testament' and 'Understanding New Testament'. These lectures thoroughly covered the history, authority, and general context of the Bible. He commented, "Bibliology can help believers better understand the context of the Bible, and the reader can more deeply meditate and apply the Word to their own life. It enlarges the width and depth of meditation." Participants were soaked with this unconditional, unlimited love and the truth of the Word of God.

The prayer gathering was led by P. Joel Kim, representative of Elim Korea. All members responded to God's love, surrendering themselves fully. Fiery, tear-filled prayers of repentance, thankfulness, and determined devotion filled the conference room.

After the official program concluded, Asia leaders toured the Namsan Tower, which is a national landmark located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul.