2017 International Summer Camp Begins

summer camp

The second annual 'International Summer Camp' began on Sunday, July 23rd at the Olivet University Riverside campus. The camp will last for two weeks, until August 5th. Following the last year's success, about 80 campers have attended this year, almost twice as much as last year. The rise in attendance sparks greater hope for the great revival of the Kingdom of God.

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The opening service message was delivered by Pastor Christy Tran, who is the principal of the Olivet Academy Riverside. She reminded campers that the mysterious conversion of Saul (Acts 9) is not only of Saul's story but ours as well. When we were enemies of God, not knowing His love, the Lord came to us first with a lightning-bolt light of love, forgave all our sins, and accepted us.

Though we were born as bad trees (Matthew 7:16-20), Jesus intervened in our lives and changed the seed of our trees so we could become a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Campers were exhorted to experience the great, unconditional love of God throughout the camp as they will study Romans 1 to 8.

The theme of the camp is "The righteous will live by faith" (Romans 1:17). The camp is composed of many activities such as Bible lectures, special lectures, a Grand Canyon tour, a Disneyland tour, a campus tour, a swimming competition, an ice cream party, team building activities, a mini Olympics, a Zion Festival, Bible Recitation Contest, debates, leadership training, etc.  Specifically, there will be special lectures on "Healthy Relationships between Christian Boys and Girls" and "The History and the Vision of Olivet University".

Children from the mission fields around the world are sharing with one another in Christ, receiving grace and rest at the camp. They are filled with desire for God's grace and joy. The camp is hosted by Olivet Academy (OAc) Riverside, the youngest school of Olivet University.

"We are thankful for everyone's love and sacrifice in preparing this precious camp. We pray that all campers will be trained as faithful leaders for God's Kingdom," shared OAc staff.