Brazil Church Held the First Nehemiah Workshop to Build the Kingdom of God

Nehemiah Project

The Nehemiah Project workshop was held in Brazil, and several applicants learned about construction, electricity, and renovation. The program started at Sao Paulo Gratia Church in Brazil in the middle of July. 

The first day of the course began with a prayer and sharing of the Nehemiah project vision. The coordinators of the event have planned for the following wiring projects: types, names, sizes/ Installation/ Lighting/ Connecting components/ Voltage.

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Professor Edinei, a Christian electrical engineer who was approached by the Brazilian missionary, spoke not only on the topic of residential electrical work but also on the topic of Jesus, from morning until the end of the afternoon.

Those who came received great wisdom and grace. Materials about the relevant topics will be prepared and handed out to the participants. Also, videos, images, and tools for more understanding and in-class discussion are also being prepared. A biblical message and vision will be shared before the event.

It is the great hope and expectation of our church to involve people in this vision, work for God, and enjoy the activities of the Gratia Church Sao Paulo. On June 28th, greater efforts were made to promote the event. Samuel, a construction worker who came to fix a water leak at the Gratia San Pablo church, ended up staying to listen to Sunday service.

He unexpectedly heard the Word of God. "My mother said that it was going to happen one day after I turned aside," said Samuel, whose mother prays for him to return to the Lord. The event was also an invitation to participate in the Nehemiah workshop.

May God guide every attendant toward seeking the Lord more, and commit themselves for His work of salvation. Let us pray for the Gratia San Pablo Church.