Riverside Olivet Academy Officially Announces International Summer Camp

summer camp

There are only 10 days left until the Riverside International Camp! The camp preparation team recently decided the camp's theme and Bible study texts. The Camp will be held July 23 - August 5, 2017, and will be composed of Bible studies, Summer Olympics, ESL, Talent shows, and Field Trips. Additionally, Bible contests and various special lectures will be prepared. 

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The theme is "The Righteous Will Live by Faith." And the text of the Bible study is Romans Chapters 1-8. Several lecturers plan to draw from these eight chapters in their messages. Moreover, an Elim International representative will lead the prayer meeting for the Summer camp. Each service will be led by the "Kids Worship Team", a team composed of children from around the world who have been practicing worship.

Notably, Pastor Enya Hwang will deliver a special lecture about "Healthy Relationship between Christian Boys and Girls", and Pastor Nate will deliver a special lecture about "The History and the Vision of Olivet University". Children will be reciting one bible verse before each meal and will also have a bible verse contest at the end of the camp. Also, the second week is full of activities: Four Bible lectures, Grand Canyon tour, Zion Festival, Bible Recitation Contest, Debates, and Leadership Training.

Meanwhile, the camp preparation team recently sent invitations to each country and they are eagerly preparing. One camp official said, "Through this camp, children want to stand firmly on the Word of God. We want the children to have a deep friendship with their peers and to have an enjoyable and gracious time. We ask our members to pray for the lecturers and for all the camp preparations."

One staff member of Olivet Academy in Riverside shared, "This camp will be a very special camp that will fill children with precious memories. I hope the children will discover the vision of the Kingdom of God and that their faith will be strengthened. We will do our best to make this a gracious and special camp."

The children will spend two weeks enjoying fellowship with one another, training their faith, and improving their English through the ESL Programs. The campers will also have the opportunity to participate in fun and educational field trips.

Eligibility for camp admission is limited to committed members and children born between 2002-2007. Children under 10 cannot attend, even if accompanied by their parents.