Sabana de Piedra, Impacted by the Power of the Gospel


Sabana de Piedra, impacted by the power of the Gospel, has opened its doors to let Christ reach the home of each family. Last Saturday, June 24th, the cell group meeting of Emanuel church had its inauguration, where 41 children attended.

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At the meeting, 24 children and 1 adult chose Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Moreover, God surprised the attendees with His wonderful presence, and showed His saving grace: 17 children and 2 adults were evangelized with the  Gospel of Jesus Christ, for a total of 44 people since last Saturday.

It is one more reason to daily proclaim the message of the Gospel--each family received a great blessing by letting its children be instructed in the ways of the Lord. God is now working in the homes of these families. We pray He moves on the hearts of the children and their loved ones. The children participating  have shown great enthusiasm.  Moreover, they confessed the happiness they've felt since God has entered their lives.

Soon, 50 children will be eligible to establish a Teen Mission in the Emanuel Church of Puerto Ordaz, where the Lord will call upon His children to be ministers of the Gospel.