AM Uganda Participates in National Youth Event for Regional Revival

AM Uganda Participates in National Youth Event for Regional Revival

Leaders and staff members of Apostolos Missions in Africa joined a national youth ministry called, "Mission Rwenzori," in Uganda. 

Walter Omara, the regional director of AM Africa, presented the vision and mission of the ministry in the event. 

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The purpose of the gathering was to win back the lost souls back to God's kingdom through Door to Door evangelism and holding powerful outdoor services. 

The youth ministry in Uganda is highly significant because many young souls have turned away from God in recent years. 

Walter reported that people were healed and those under bondage were delivered, Lives were restored, families were revived, among other great things. 

Walter shared: "This was a very great experience to the youthful Christians who experienced the grace and power of God. The Lord used them in an extraordinary way. People received Lord's miracles and blessings by this event. God is ready to use anyone, child or adult, we just need to make ourselves available to God."
The event lasted for one week. The programs included active evangelism, prayer, and conferencing. 168 people received Jesus through this event. 

AM Uganda endeavors to be a light in the darkness and gather the wandering souls of  in Uganda and in the region of Africa. They wish to evangelize hundred of young people to serve in God's Kingdom and know the will for their lives. 

The chapter plans to join another large crusade in December for the glory of God.