OTCS Zambia Kicks Off, Welcoming Field Pastors and Missionaries

OTCS Zambia

Olivet Theological College and Seminary in Zambia is welcoming new students who have served in the mission fields as pastors and missionaries in countries including Zambia, Egypt, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda. 

OTCS conducted interviews with new students for the upcoming Fall quarter through an onsite and online platform. Questions asked referred to the students' purpose of learning, experience in the mission field, knowledge of the Bible, and their life and family support. 

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The new students shared their wish to increase their knowledge of the Bible and gain practical knowledge as a pastor or minister of a church. Pierre, a student leader of YEF said, "I want to be a pastor," and another student fellowship leader Wegner said, "I want to work for the Kingdom of God."

OTCS in Zambia has been preparing this new semester with regular meetings in order to have a strong foundation for the school administration. The preparation is now bringing results of recruiting students and opening classes.

The curriculum follows the standard transcript of the country and guides news students to commit to studying. School also expects that students show spiritual growth by keeping times for devotion and prayer throughout the semester. 

The new semester's 2nd quarter courses include Church history, Hermeneutics, Bibliology, Old Testament, Angiology, and Christology. New students will start the new quarter classes along with the previous students. There will be an orientation on March 3, and the classes will commence on March 6.