OTM Co-Works with Jubilee to Equip Interns with Musical Skills

Olivet Teen Mission Internship

Olivet Teen Mission Headquarters is expecting to receive new interns in the next month. It is collaborating with other ministries and fellowships in order to create a diverse internship program. 

It has previously confirmed collaborations with other ministries such as Olivet Academy and Elim. Now OTM is working together with Jubilee in order for interns to be equipped with musical skills that they can utilize to minister to teens when they return to their mission field. 

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For the case of an intern from India, music was used as a successful way for church to bring in diverse ages including teenagers. Additionally, it will help in leading praise as well as support events for Teen Mission programs. The two ministries are now creating a program for optimal results for when she returns to her mission field. 

Collaboration with the ministry is very important. Within Teen Mission, performing arts is especially popular. Teens have so much passion and energy that can be transformed into worship dancing, skits, and singing. OTM hopes to co-work with Jubilee World even more in the future to train leaders who are equipped in this field.